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His CDs: AugustOceanOverture - InMemoryOnly - the SongBook:
Across the Sea of Madness - The novel: "The Last Renaissance Man"

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Update from Michael Guy L'ecluse (3 New CDs in 2016-17, singles, excerpts available Now)

 MY CELTIC HEART>> is a 2017 EP of 8 tracks of piano, digital layered instruments and especially beautiful string arrangements both written and improvised that all have a Celtic flavor (well most). INCLUDES a movement from my recent SYMPHONY TWO which is in progress - this is a gently lilting string and piano piece that features the main theme of the symphony. The title track My Celtic Heart and another The Green Hills of Home are the two longest, most melodic and especially Celtic influenced. But these are not Celtic Folk music like some indigenous groups but rather a composer, pianists creation based on that ethnic influence. And its apropos as my ancestry on mother's side is not only most all British isles but it turns out I'm the bloody damn great grandson to a King of England - Actually the 17th GS of King Ed the IV - so how's that for an influence!

 LABYRINTH OF TIME>> A very much romantic jazz solo piano CD of improvs interspersed with more dramatic compositions and a few piano plus DIGITAL Sound canvas Meditations -- ALL this makes for a very lovely jazz/New Age mix of styles, emotions and soundscapes. Recorded in 2 sessions in 2015 and released in early 2017. This follows my 2015 release of ISLAND IN MY MIND.


 ISLANDS IN MY MIND>> My 2015 CD offering has really grown on me. I listen to the tracks a lot. It too was recorded in two big sessions in August 2014 and then in October or November. Some of this music really fulfills a long standing dream for me, but I still would have preferred to do the pure piano tracks on a Steinway Grand but alas I'm forced into the digital piano world.


 Will The Real Symphony #1 Please Stand Up! In 2016: /

Two issues upcoming in MY NEXT BLOG POST (as soon as I've written it!) I don't write them often now. Issue#1: Announcing that my eCD is finally publishing: ISLANDS IN MY MIND - Yes! The one recorded in 2014 and a New recording in 2015 is to be called; LABYRINTH OF TIME - and that eCD will publish at my CDbaby Artist page immediately following (well not instantly!) but later in 2016 - NOW - to clear up a misconception that some people to whom I am promoting my orchestral work are sure to have - NO! Symphony ONE is NOT my first symphony - "Symphony ONE" is its title and it is more clearly my third symphony and my second score published symphony. [I had one beautiful 3 movement symphony composed in 1996 and recorded purely as digital orchestration!) - I will release that CD someday as I am sure I was the first to completely DIGITALLY Orchestrate a symphony in 3 movements back at that time without using a computer or software.- Unless my old friend, TOMITA has since done so.

To get back to the symphonies (PLURAL!) in 2014 (just seems yesterday) I re-orchestrated my original sketch that started this whole symphonic journey into orchestration study from 1986 ( I would've been incapable of orchestrating it back in that year!) AND it came out BEAUTIFULLY! So now IT IS Self-Published on my LULU.com SCOREbook Page. CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW HERE.

AND - SYMPHONE ONE (my 2nd published symphony) is also in STUDY SCORE format in order to promote that very important person contact (i.e. a conductor!) that will bring these works to the public ear. Hey, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE FROM HERE

MORE - on the upcoming BLOG: "Will the REAL Symphony #1 Please Stand up?"

The GOOD ROAD & the Road of Difficulties... Tracks from New2015 CD are available NOW below on this page

My recording efforts in 2014 - Sessions of August 21 & October 25-26 2014 have resulted in new CD: Islands in the Mist>>

SEE BELOW FOR the ISLAND IN THE MISTS spot and mp3 excerpts and free tracks from this upcoming CD

SEE the BLOG PAGE> latest 2014 Blogs titled: 'THE ULTIMATE MAVERICK' & Crossing Unknown Waters >


Hi, on the piano front there is new life finally springing forth again with 2 new eCD recordings that will be released in singles format first (3 singles from each CD) as I do NOT have the funds to publish a full CD right now. BUT whoa, what a gorgeous new recording I did on the afternoon and evening of AUGUST 21, 2014 here at 'Studio Enclave Robison Crusoe' (really!) - While being so shipwrecked here in the Florida outback, I figured I better still keep making music or I will perish spiritually. This session which is entitled: "ISLANDS IN THE MIST" will eventually be released as a full eCD (no physical plastic needed) but I will release the title track as a single, which is a full 16' improvisation on a wonderful Celtic-folkloric theme I wrote on the spot (I've been doing things like it for quite some years). It ends in such a warm, emotionally endearing G major 9 chord that I have called the ending section "Searching for Home" - it is embracing beautiful orchestral conceived piano using my layering system and crossing hands technique that allows me to play cello, string and choir patch melodies over and under my mid-voiced chordal parts and rhythmic parts. I am quite please for I have finally tweaked the piano sufficiently BEFORE beginning to record (you know jazz is so spontaneous!) and I got a much better piano sound then in previous recordings where I play the piano sort of 'straight out of the box' (to coin a phrase) This piano has to be tweaked to sound decent (out of the box not so good!). And while you're HERE, check out my CROSSING UNKNOWN WATERS Tab above. Click on it and you'll see info and excerpts links for this new eCD being released on my CDbaby Artist Page this month in 3 singles> 'Crossing Unknown Waters' - 'Hymn to the Farther Shore' - and 'VARIATIONS on Unrequited'  GREAT piano improv in jazz/New Age style with a Classical bias from a private recital of JUNE 2012 - Now for the orchestral music:


     On the ever-creeping progress forward of my orchestral music publishing things are "very ready" - I hope in 2014-15 to lead off my 'world premiere" by interesting an influential conductor in my Large Orchestra pieces (a suite of 2 pieces, 1 short prelude, 1 larger impressionistic overture) that I completed in summer of 2011. Please see my content box on "FIRE ISLAND IMPRESSIONS" below on this page. Once someone is interested I can publish to parts with only minor editing as the 'study scores' I've published under my own domain "AllegroVivo Publishing" are highly finished, edited and proofed for study along with the listening mp3 excerpts of the pieces. In summer of 2011 I composed an extensive additional overture to the melodies that I had resurrected from my piano pieces of the past to create this very summery and ocean-orientated music, a great combination of my newest conceptions with the best of my older melodies that came from the pieces (found in the piano booklets at my storefront) from my piano playing/composing years of the late 70's-mid 80's. I spent a huge amount of time in the 1980s when not in New York City working or doing my piano gigs in New England or New York (even Florida) barricaded behind my mattress-covered room in Florida composing, recording and building a new conception of my music that synthesized classical, the then "new age" and new jazz styles into fresh poly-tonal harmonies, new melodies and brief forms that exploited the eclectic influences of that wonderful time in music. Later came the realization of my ethnic influences as I found out my family roots (still unfolding story today -- see my Blog posts) where I saw how my equal split mix of 50% Slavic (Czechoslovakian) plus 50% Celtic (English, Irish, Normandy) has shown influences in my piano sonatas and in my symphonies. ---> MORE on the Blog page

>> will post by November 2014 entitled: "The Good Road & the Road of Difficulties"

ISLANDS IN THE MIST> New eCD coming in 2015> PreVu mp3 Tracks Below V


Now scroll below for EXCERPTS of other tracks from the full CD and the Title Track: Islands in the Mist


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RAY OF HOPE (Strings & piano solo song)

WAVE - HOPPING (Jazz piano solo in uptempo bop style)


OUT OF EXILE [Jazz-Blues] - sign in to CDbaby.com to Download this track for FREE - available now on my Cdbaby ARTIST Page HERE




THIS TRACK FROM THE AUGUST 21st Recording Session is FREE in full here (click on player below)


 - a beautiful jazz ballad in post-bop romantic lush chords with choir/string & organ sounds layered into the piano solo

2 EXCERPTS (in 1 file) from the recently recorded FINAL TRACK for the CD (This track to be published in full in 2015)>

     LETTER NEVER SENT (a piano song without words)
        recorded on Sunday Nov. 9th


FireIsland Impressions>  Orchestral Suite, I. - Prelude & II. Diurnal Cycle --  just published in conductor full score format

SEE the preivew at my Storefront product page (click preview below the image photo) THE FIRST MP3 is the complete computer realization of the Prelude using Garritan Orchestra samples but no Human playback features so some things like harmonics and tempo changes (Ritenutos) do not come off. THE 2nd MP3 is an excerpt from the 2nd piece of the Suite called 'Diurnal Cycle' from the opening to the beginning of the big tune in the titled 'AugustOceanOverture' section (as titled in the score booklet)> The3rd MP3 (IF there is one on the page) IS the Big Tune from the section in the score titled: 'AugustOceanOverture'>


SEE the preivew at my Storefront product page (click preview below the product image

  Fire Island Impressions: Suite for Large Orchestra in 2 Scores
    I. Prelude: 'Comforting Arrival'
            II. Diurnal Cycle (Seashore Scenes)

See 'preview mode' at my storefront product page (click preview under product
image) and on page 2 is the 'Instrumentation Page' showing the orchestra forces. Scored for Symphonic orchestra of

[Picc., 2FL, 3-4CL, 2Ob, 2Bsn.\Hrns, 4Tpts in C, 2Trb\Timp., Perc., Celesta, Harp, (no piano)\Strings]

Composer Michael Guy (a.k.a. Michael Guy L'ecluse) is originally from Long Island, New York, born in 1954, although he has been sort of 'shipwrecked' in Florida since needing a  kidney transplant during the 90's, perhaps unfortunate for his worldly career, but beneficial for time to compose, study orchestration and self publishe these scores! (which is very time consuming!) Also, the feelings and influences in this very summery and
oceanic music might just be more 'Florida's seashore than Long Island's Fire Island.

In either case, this evocative impressionistic music leads to a soaring overture enclosed within in it that surges with the power and ebb and flow of ocean waves. One of his favorite hobbies is surf fishing and even some 'easy surfing'. In the 1990's he spent a great amount of his free time around Florida's Daytona Beach and learned to love being in that rolling surf. This music seems to almost mimic by its innovative scoring the surging of waves with the extended middle section that soars in big string writing marked 'grandioso'

Vlns 1 & 2 doubling big chords by divisi. Also the lower strings play 'Sibelius-like' chordal patterns while upper strings are non-divisi. All this, along
with very deep rich Horn and trombone chords leads to some very rich scoring that finally builds to a big tutti theme he called his 'August Ocean Overture' theme.

   He's had that since 2001 and has even used it in his jazz improvisations (see the tunes, 'Big Wave Rider' on his 2008 debut keyboard CD called AugustOceanOverture)

This music begins with an eerie almost Stravinsky-ish passage for Basoons and low Contrabasses along with a suspended cymbal part that attemps to reverse the envelope
(rolls done soft to loud and vice versa) in order to mimic the distant sound of surf early in the morning. This section is titled, 'Early morning twilight before dawn' and the progression of the music envisions a day at his favorite surf fishing beach from dawn to high noon at the beach, followed by 3 sections after a big climax that interpret a quietafternoon into evening sunset.

Then the music closes with a very tonal, Brahmsian cadence from D major to G, niether of which were the keys this very jazz inflected harmonic tonal music is based on. A lot of tonal variety is acheived that never attempts to obsure its tonal preferences yet derives variety from modal intpretations and sudden
shifts in the chords.

The reason for using 4 trumpets was not just for power but to be able to softly intone the rich jazz based chords in 4 voices. But powerful the brass and 4

trumpets are when they usher in the 'August Ocean Overture' section with big 4 note trumpet chords supported by trombones and horns. While the strings crescendo and diminish on a big octave theme essentially begninning on Ab moving to Db, it leads to 2 noteworthy features: one, a series of effective Fp's on chords Ebmajor9th to Dbmajor9th in the strings that give the accentation of the melodies a very contemporary feeling instead of the type of hammered Sfz's often found in much earlier orchestra music. 

After a first tutti on the 'August Ocean Overture' motto climaxes, they are heard again preceded by two effective (if not perhaps difficult to perform) slow glissandi's in the woodwinds (a descending chromatic scale scored for Clarnet and Flute). If it comes off it certainly has the feel of how a tern can suddenly dive towards ground from a great height, a memory of which from his days at the beach that this composer fondly recalls.

  With the use of Harp and Celesta, the impressionistic bias of this music returns after the big Tutti climax to the 'overture' section and results in an almost Ravelian series of pages entitled: "Flight of the Tern" complete with a nice woodwind ostinato that symbolizes the bird's endless flight over the barrier beach.

With other notes scurrying and deep Horn parts it soon reaches up, then gently falls to cadence in a harp, string and oboe dominated page that rests softly on an EbMajor6 chord, somewhat reminescent of parts of Debussy's middle movement to La Mer. The next section in quintuplets in 2/8 marked: "Coda (toccata) - quiet beach at twilight" quickly leads to that final tonal cadence, deftly scored exactly as it would be in a Brahms symphony.

A rich tonal ending to a somewhat more inventive and evocative score.

Single & album downloads, from 2014's Crossing Unknown Waters to 2011's CD: Unrequited & my 2008 debut CD: AugustOceanOverture

Michael Guy: The Deep Abyss (Vocal Song)



Michael Guy: Crossing Unknown Waters

CROSSING UNKNOWN WATERS > hear excerpts below




Michael Guy: Wave-Hopping (Chartless)[LIve]

 WAVE - HOPPING Click above for LINK to excerpt


Michael Guy: For a Fallen Bird



Michael Guy: Hymn to the Farther Shore (Live)

HYMN TO THE FARTHER SHORE > hear excerpt below

VARIATIONS on Unrequited (improvisation from eCD: Crossing Unknown Waters> listen below



Michael Guy: Ray of Hope

RAY OF HOPE - New piano song of Sunday, October 26, 2014 from upcoming CD: ISLANDS IN THE MIST

YOU can HEAR this track almost in its entire length on CDbaby beginning as it did live in studio with Calm, Reassuring beautifully harmonized strings and then the piano entering with heartfelt emotion at about 2 min. in... PLEASE goto CDbaby and LISTEN FREE (click above)

Michael Guy: Unrequited - Single



(http://www.cdbaby.com/Images/Links/linkmkr_btn4_buymp3s.png);'>Michael Guy: Wings of the Wind (Based On Psalm 104)


1989's WINGS OF THE WIND Excerpt below

(remastered & released 2014)

CD: "Unrequited" - 2010vrs/ Jazz  Piano & Digital Keyboards by Michael Guy


Click on each of the 15 track titles for a  PREVU of each song [RightClick into a new tab loads the player from LULU.com]

JzCDz.com, hosted by Lulu is my Storefront where you can get many FREE Mp3's of my piano music and where there is a SPECIAL 4 song EP of "UNREQUITED" 2010 available for $3 OR Buy the CD at the cheapest $

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#1> Hymn for a Dying World (piano, guitar, strings & bass)> CLICK 2 PREVU the 4 song EP

#2> Forgiven (lyrical piano song)

#3> Without a Moment's Notice (Ensemble: bass, piano, strings, organ, baritone vocalise by Michael Guy)

#4> My Bluewater Day / Double-OverHead (strings, elec.piano & piano solo - uptempo, live, intense set)

#5> Ocean Angel's Refrain, (new age choirs, synths, piano)

#6> Bluewater Day Suite: ending (1:09) piano, bass

#7> UNREQUITED - Click to Preview UNREQUITED> piano solo, romantic ballad

#8> "Michael's Angel-o " - new age sound canvas with piano solo & choirs

#9> For a Fallen Bird - piano solo song

#10> How Green Was My Valley - organ/piano song with mountain folksong/Bach influenced melodies

#11> In EXile - (modern jazz piano with running bass in Left Hand influenced by J. Coltrane/Mile Davis)

#12> Interplanetary Blues (1995) - jazz blues/funk for digital keyboards, bass, piano

#13> Hymn 4... (2nd mix) quartet

 #14> theDeepAbyss Click title to FREE PREVIEW> (NEW 2009 vrs. with new vocals & piano added) - orig. song on A.O.O 2008

#15>  EtheREAL Dreamer (1995) - gorgeous swelling synth/strings and processed harmonic song


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Michael Guy: The Deep Abyss (Vocal Song)



Michael Guy: August Ocean Overture


Michael Guy plays piano & composes in jazz, classical & new age genres for 33 yrs!

August Ocean Overture [2008]

Michael Guy's debut CD released in digital distribution JUNE '08 is a compilation of his newest Piano Solo work layered with digital choirs, strings and bass recorded each JULY since 2005. This special music was only recorded in summer in Daytona Beach, FL in an ocean setting. It reflects his lasting love for the tropical oceans of the Atlantic SE coast. Except for a stint in New York City from 1979-1984 where he worked as a temp in publishing and music, he has spent most of his adult life in Florida living and fishing near the sea. 

Returning from N.Y.C. in 1985 he was forced to go on kidney dialysis and he received a kidney transplant in 1990. During this time he did much composing and piano playing. During the 90's with the advent of digital technology he began to record using Roland sequencers and digital samples. The second half of his debut CD reflects these compositions and some he did in studios during that time. These 5 compositions use a JAZZ GROUP setting with drums, bass, guitar, electric keyboards and sampled strings. Many will soon be available as Scored charts in notation in his JzCDz.com Storefront along with some of his classical scores which he has composed for piano solo, orchestra and chamber music. PLEASE SEE THE PORTFOLIO PAGE> Here you will find the links to his other blogs, his storefront and his CD & Digital Distribution sites.


CDbaby> Hear excerpts of every track, download or buy CD




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 JzCDz.com mp3's less than .60

A newly remastered CD, " In Memory Only " to be released May  2012 on Amazon

 In Memory Only [2012 ]IS released Sept2012 Download NOW on Amazon.com! 
Michael Guy: In Memory Only (2nd 2009 Vrs. With String Orch.)
  Michael Guy's 4th published CD has him back "on land" and takes a more Americana Jazz & classical approach, even a country/folk influence in two of the included song backings from his original lyric songs. There are no lyric vocal performances here, but he does use his voice in Jazz Vocalize on 2 of the jazz/blues tracks. And speaking of the blues, his very progressive piano jazz blues is again in evidence in a studio recorded track putting back out to sea again in a newly composed "SEA of Bb Minor Blues" a neatly arranged piano solo with touches of organ. Also is given a live performance of his year 2000 jazz blues a little influenced by Monk's "Round Midnight" entitled: "Didn't Go as Planned Blues" - As a composer he then takes his jazz blue-scaled influenced writing into the Baroque classical world in 2 selections from his "The Blue Fugue" including the infectiously Baroque almost pop beat of pizzicato strings and vibes in his "Perpetuem Mobile".
Before the final OUTRO of this CD he also re-invents his love and study of classical/modern forms in a short, emotional piano embellishment on a Theme from his PIANO SONATA #1.  This difficult to play but rich harmonic theme was actually composed between college music classes nearly 30 years ago and has recently been re-edited for publishing. The very classical-influenced theme in A minor is given a rich improvised setting freeing it from a strict classical style of playing and in the process making for a serene and perfect piano performance.  
But most telling is his already proven to be popular synthesizer and digital pad orchestrated keyboard song: "IN MEMORY ONLY" whose emotional, nostalgic G major richly voiced chordal theme was written to memorialize his deceased mother who died in 2005. Its theme is even used as the INTRO and OUTRO of this very personal CD and its almost tear-dropping emotion leaves the work as a whole shimmering with a joyous gratitude for loved ones and dear deceased pets. Once again composer Michael Guy refuses to produce CDs that are a litany of one style of music or one style of writing. He takes this music through the range of what jazz /blues and country/folk influenced sytles can go as well as personally innovating in his fusion of  classical composition into modern forms.
At the same time he leaves a very personal imprint and a human glow of emotional dedication.

 JzCDz.com Hear a preview, download a track less than .60



1. INTRO: InMemoryOnly -For Beatrice, my mother d.2005  1:47
2. the Broken-Hearted Shuffle - Jazz Quartet/
       Pt. 1 is with piano solo/Pt. 2 follows with e. guitar solo  4:42
3. J.J.'s Waltz [Jazz Trio with vocalize]   3:09
4. Sunday Morning Alone Piano Solo-Sunday, April 20, 2008  5:54
5. Sea of Bbminor Blues: [Theme, piano solo]  1:47
6. Sea of Bb minor Blues  [Improv] piano, July 2008   4:47
7. Mr. Ives Strolls Along 52nd St. [piano duet:] 4:03
8. Connectivity /theCandoabilitySong/pop-jazz/Synths/Drums 4:32
9. the Farther Shore  [piano song without words]  1:57
10. I  wrote you a letter  country guitar song, w/o vocal     1:23
11. Didn't go as planned, blues/ Bb minor blues   5:05
12. In Memory Only [march 2000 synth, 2009 alt.take w string orchestra] 1:46
13. Blue Allemande  [SequentialCircuitsSynth, 1986]  4:30
14 -16. Perpetuem Mobile/(1996)/- "BlueFugue" Suite   1:56
15. Guitar & Bass Duet // 16. Perpetuem Mobile (solo piano vrs.) 2:33 + 2:16
17. the Broken-Hearted Shuffle/Pt.2> conclusion/guitar, keybd. 4:19
18.TREASURES of LOVE - 1987 vocal demo (live piano & voice) 5:04
19. JazzGuitar improv on my song: 'Intials Carved in Love' (2005) 2:26
20. The Old Apple Tree/+Coda/piano solo with synth settings  8:07
21. Theme from PianoSonata#1>  impov vrs. recorded 2008  2:48
22. OUTRO:  InMemoryOnly Theme ending with piano  1:47
(c).  2012, (p). 2012 michael guy JzCDz, all rights registered, reserved

THE GOLDEN FLUTE - An Ancient History spiritual adventure novel series in 2 books (TBA 2015)

"The Ancient Gods are still out there and they've left a message for us. Only one man from an unlikely vocation has the knowledge and training to decipher it."


EXCERPT No. 1 - Contents// - EXCERPT No. 2 Opening& more EXCERPT No. 3


Chaitya, a boy of seven, is told by his Enlightened Teacher (the Master) that he will embark on an immense journey through time, playing many different roles as various figures through history, under special guidance to fulfill not only his own development but to play an important role in the future evolution of culture on Earth.His Master knows that the Godhead will grant 3 special dispensations or grace to aid his journey. The first of which allows him to travel to the "Sacred Ring of Fire" (or Time Portal) at their Sacred Chambhala Temple. This puts him directly in his next life in Ancient Sumeria where the "Gods from Heaven to Earth Descend".

 Associated with his soul wanderings (through reincarnation) is his attempt tobecome a master of the golden flute, given to him by his ordained Master. It follows him as a Divine Gift of music making and is intricately related to the astronomical and musical mystery it is his quest to unravel. His ability to learn precise musical note & harmonic series combinations on the flute brings power to unlock the mystery of God's grace for mankind which is the key to change the world for better at major periods of world crisis during the changes of the precessional ages (known as yugas to this ancient Vedic culture). Chaitya is being taught the ancient arts of astrology and astronomical observation. Along with these he is gifted to read and decipher the pictographic and cuneiform codes of the ancients. He is given a musical riddle or aural key to solve as his mantra by his Master (Teacher).

 Despite the forgetfulness associated with each new life, his powerful mind continues to work at the musical riddle of perfection and attracts the associations and events he needs for his next lessons. This is aided by the Timeless contact he resumes with his Avatar Master between each incarnation, reviving his expanded consciousness and renewing his knowledge of his 'big-Self' destiny. When in his last life he has regained awareness of all the roles he has played out in history throughout the millennia he is prepared to make his final journey and help mankind unravel the important message the "ancient gods" had encoded for future generations since the last Golden Age 

Current ones  are being cryptically received in modern times from distant Ancient Alien cultures on other planets or on listening posts nearby our solar system).  

And not a moment too soon; mankind faces near extinction from a colossal ecological/environmental crisis now exacerbated by a sudden cataclysmic event about to unfold. Will people take seriously the knowledge the ancients have for us which was once gained in such mysterious ways? Or will the scoffers rule the day and bring near annihilation on us all? Tune in to book 2. Book 1 will publish around Dec. 7, 2014. (more numerology! - 12-07)


 An ancient history fantasy/adventure novel with a Sci-Fi twist that also incorporates some considerable knowledge of ancient music history, musical acoustics

theory, yogic wisdom of the Ancient Hindu Vedas and early knowledge by them of earth's precession cycle and their concept of Vedic cosmology. The ancient history part in book I is paralleled in book 2 by a contemporary drama where the antagonist discovers how these ancient truths were similar to our latest theories on quantum physics, evolution and the beginnings of species Homo sapiens. It takes place over 13,000 years of history from ca. 10,000 BC to ca. 2099 AD and spans the Ancient World from the Indus Valley and Tibet, to Mesopotamia/Sumerian, Ancient Egypt and Biblical Lands. It will be issued in three parts in two books.

 The first book is set in our Ancient beginnings along the Indus River, the second set in the cradle lands of our civilization of Mesopotamia and the Near East, and the final book takes place in the near future of the 21st century involving contemporary characters like us.

The author began writing this novel in 1992; it has evolved through considerable changes as our knowledge of science, astronomy and historical archeology has progressed or left unanswered vital questions concerning the roots of our civilization.

The story follows the spiritual evolution of a young boy from an ancient civilization, now lost. A culture that may have formed the myths we have today of the lost Harappa and Nevali Cori civilizations, thriving along the Indus River or its headwaters as long ago as the end of the last glacial.

 The THEME music that I composed in 1986! to the original version of this story/production using 1980's multi-track synthesizers - It was one of my most popular 1980s pieces requested and played in my concerts quite a few times & even on a radio show in 1986!

      Title> "JOY of  LIFE' - (synths + Flute) c. 1986 Michael A. Guy








The Last Renaissance Man: an historical novel of music and English history

The Last Renaissance Man (2006)

 The Last Renaissance Man is an imaginative adventure complete with a true Hurricane story and fascinating history set in England and the Caribbean. You’ll believe the 1695 narrative is true .

Meet a composer, whose idea of “R&R” in the tropics turns his passage to trial-by-water, blending musical and maritime history into a Shakespearian Tempest-tale that’ll rock your boat! The London portion of the novel is set in colorful Baroque theatre and tippling houses (pubs), where Henry Purcell who serves as the model for the main character was given credit for semi-operas (called Masques) like The Tempest.

After a hard winter, his Patroness dead, his income slashed, his wife suspicious, Henry’s agent wants another tour of cheap venues.  Plague has Henry fearing contagion. Hallucinogenic from the wrong cure, he flees to sunny Madeira by sea but then his Sea Venture unfurls unpredictably. A storm-cursed ship and a superstitious crew believe he’s a Jonah; then a course-change turns his vision of a magical Admiral into truth, foreshadowing Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. Eccentric Lord Willoughby, Ex-Admiral, commands the elements; meet his mulatto daughter, Miranda, as spirited as her enchanted mare, Juno. Do events resemble his new opera? Stay aboard for Book 2 when the nautical adventure grows menacingly real!

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Across the Sea of Madness> a voyage in the lyrics & poetry of Michael Guy

AcRoSs the SeA of MaDneSs (2007)

a songbook of lyrics by songwriter Michael Guy

The song lyrics of songs by jazz pianist/songwriter Michael Guy will be followed by a self-published CD in 2009. These are mostly his lyrics and a few poems. The arrangements given in large type include full color photos of his related personal and nature themes. Some of the photos show the rich collage work of his music CD covers to be published by JzCDz.com beginning 2008. Enjoy the colorful personal history and lyrical prelude to his CD, including some fine American History story-songs set during major periods of U.S. history.
Although the songs of Michael A. Guy will not publish until 2009-10, his magical and mysterious heart-song to the beauty of the Tropical Oceans, August Ocean Overture is available NOW on Amazon's CreateSpace, Amazon.com and CDbaby; also digital download sites (iTunes). That CD includes 2 songs whose lyrics are included in this book. SEE: this website for details in the links below.

Buy THIS BOOK with no retail markup at the Publisher> You can Preview the Book>

JzCDz.com> this book listed with his songs 

 HEAR a song: theDEEPabyss> from CD: AugustOceanOverture

Buy a song at JzCDz Storefront 


Piano Sonatas #1, #2, #3 (composed1986-1998) published Score by Michael Guy

Piano Sonata #1 (My Spanish)  (2009) originally composed in 1986, rev. 1997

BUY the score book (37 pages in 5 movements) at JzCDz.com

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American composer & jazz pianist with jazz CDs on JzCDz.com which he recently published in 2008. This composer has written "classical" music since ca. 1979. Composed in '86, revised '97 & while publishing; 37 pages, 4 movements> #1. [3+3+2] uptempo, rhythmic - Spanish feel. syncopated and staccato chords & bass #2. Molto Legato: Smooth arpeggios in R.H., an intense romantic melody in minor interpolated #3. Presto: a fast march with dissonance #4. Recap of movement#1's ideas but in new meter - rock-style chords lead into baroque figures leading to: #CODA: (ending)a movement in itself: Bach influenced but with jazz harmony. Serene chords extend the harmony into Jazz 13th, 11th, & 9ths. More rhythmic than classical. Difficulty: moderately advanced (those able to play Bartok, Ravel, Stravinsky, Bach, American works) Influence: Jazz, modern 20th century, Latin-Spanish composers, Baroque composers like Bach, Purcell mp3 available soon / podcast at: http://miguy7.webs.com/portfolio.htm

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 Piano Sonata #2 (where the river goes)  (2013) originally composed in 1988


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 Innovative fusion of jazz and modern American piano that almost approaches the level of a complex contemporary jazz improvisation (about as close as you can in a notated score). Written by maverick and unjustly unknown Jazz composer Michael Guy L'ecluse. This score was published in 2014 but found written whole and complete in his 1980's sketchbooks. After the challenging and deeply smoldering minor first movement that is the most technically demanding, a unusual odd metered cadenza follows and then 2 very melodic and memorable inner movements. One which is a Cantabile and one titled: 'Where the River Goes'. It ends with a peaceful but orchestral feeling 'Tranquillo' in a straight G major.


  Piano Sonata #3

(2011) originally composed in


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American composer/pianist Michael Guy's third piano sonata in 1, multi-section movement is excerpted from his collection called "Summer Scenes" Written in 1998, based on his youthful melodies from 1975 that show his early jazz influence by artists like Pat Metheny. Begins in a bright Eb major, Andante con moto. The second section in uptempo Eb minor is very classical and dramatic with 3 related fast cadenzas of runs and chords. An mp3 will be posted in his JzCDz.com storefront soon


String Quartet #1 [ S.Q. BLUE }


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  "Largamente" (slow beautiful melody) from the ending of Movement #2 of SQ Blue


"Andante opening(Celtic flavored, moderate tempo theme and runs) from beginning of Movement #2 of SQ Blue

"Finale Excerpt from the Uptempo 3rd Movement (Jazz flavored, lively swinging pulse) 

SQ Blue – (String Quartet No. 1)rev. 2010-11

By composer/pianist Michael Guy L’ecluse (a.k.a. Michael A. Guy)

CONTENTS – tempo, character, interpretative terms


I.                   Moderato (poco con brio) – page# 1

(orig. 1998, rev. 2010) relaxed with good accents & releases

Crisply with clean rhythm (a definite blues feel) / outro: misterioso – poco animato



II.                Andantino / Intermezzo / Largamente – page# 14(orig.2011)

1.       With a Celtic highland flavor / Allargando (building voices to transcendence)

2.       Jazz Intermezzo: rhythmically & relaxed – page# 24

3.       Leading into reverence (soulfully)  page# 28 / Like a disturbing dream erupts… page# 32 / LARGAMENTE (maestoso) page# 33 –Nobilmente (viola solo) / Coda: a bluesy lilt. Page# 36-37



III.             Finale – page# 40 -  (added 2011 based on my 1983 jazz piano song: ‘A Song of the Rolling Earth’ (after Walt Whitman)

Moderately up in Jazz idiom (Allegro molto)

Cadenza (pizz. Quasi guitarra) and Vln 1 solo – page# 52

Poco animato to Recap. (bars#478-507) – page# 62

Ossia: Coda#1 OR Coda#2 (or its shortened version) – page# 63



© 2012 Michael A. Guy, all rights reserved & registered

Largamente from SQ Blue (String Quartet #1) - arranged by Michael Guy for violin, viola & piano in June 2012>

This arrangement was made by me shortly after publishing my SQ Blue or String Quartet #1 in 2012 for the purpose of promoting this lovely Celtic influenced theme I composed as part of the long second movement of SQ Blue. It is the exact same theme in form and measures that is found in my PUBLISHED & COPYRIGHTED SQ Blue (registered in 2013 with US Copyright Office) but only the instrumentation with a piano part is added. I felt that by extracting this theme for two of the solo string players (that would be found in any quartet) and using piano, (that I intend to play) it would promote this wonderfully originally quartet as the theme does not appear until late within the movement. Also it just makes a lovely piece in its own right. You can listen to but not download the 2 mp3 samples of it below>>

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mp3 EXCERPT from the Opening 'Preludio'

Table of Contents PDF


Symphony ONE is Done! Read the Blog page entry

SYMPHONY ONE at JzCDz.com/Allegro Vivo in Full Conductor SCORE Symphony ONE Blog, April 19th, 2013

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The complete excerpt of the "SAVING WALDEN POND" section to the end of Movement Two, click player below:


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AND THE ORIGINAL #1 COMPOSED IN PIANO GS in 1986 but not orchestrated & published in this form until 2014>

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