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His CDs: AugustOceanOverture - InMemoryOnly - the SongBook:
Across the Sea of Madness - The novel: "The Last Renaissance Man"

PORTFOLIO of Works in Notation - past & present work self-published

Portfolio of Works in Notation> Composer/pianist, Michael Guy L’ecluse (b. 1954)

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Symphony ONE (2013 first ed. of 3rd & final vrs.) [Score orchestrated in 5 movements for Large Orchestra plus piano, harp & midi percussion – mvt. 5, the finale, orch. finished 2013] --  Symphony ONE 2013 - For the best pdf previews see the excerpts on this site on the SYMPHONY ONE Page

Symphony on Native American Themes (1995-1999) – recording only 1996 on Roland Digital samples. To be released independently on JzCDz.com. “Symphony ONE” supersedes the notated score// 1999 Version (Symphony 1999) to be published in score in 2013

Symphony Two: ‘on the celestial road…’ (1996) – recording only 1996. To be released independently on JzCDz

Symphony (1986) in one mvt. – . “Salvaged” to make piano solo: “Allegro Pesante” – never fully orch., sketches remain

Fire Island Impressions (Suite for Large Orchestra)- on original piano pieces of 1975-77
            I. Prelude: ‘Comforting Arrival’

               II. Seascape – Diurnal Cycle/August Ocean Overture [2011]

Piano Sonata # 1 (my Spanish) [1986] rev. 2008

Piano Sonata #2 (in B minor) [1988, rev. 2011]

Piano Sonata #3 [1998, rev. 2010] & included in piano booklet: “SummerScenes”

String Quartet#1 (‘SQ Blue’) – 1998, rev. first edition [2010]

String Quartet #2  - in progress in 2013 on large manuscript paper in calligraphy pen and ink

Largamente from StringQuartet No. 1 for violin, viola & piano

Guitar Quartet [1986-88] for Acoustic guitar, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 double bass (optional)

SummerScenes (piano booklet) [collected piano, chamber pieces 1977-98, includes: FireIslandImpressions, Sonata #3]

AutumnTints (piano booklet) [collected piano pieces 1986]

SpringShades (piano booklet) [piano, misc. pieces 1983-2012] Includes my recent piano composition “In SpringShades” (2012)

Allegro Pesante [1986, rev. 1993]virtuoso jazz solo in a classical idiom (for concert pianists) with some improvisation

Violin and Piano Sonata In progress 2012, Movt. II. (Molto Legato) is available (based on Piano Sonata#1)

Concerto Cantabile for Violin and Chamber Orchestra  - [rec.1996, rev.1999] Digital Orchestration created and recorded on Roland workstation

Piano Concerto for piano and string orchestra  [1997] - in one written movement and 2 improvised movements. Digital recording exists using midi'd piano and Roland Digital samples/ to be released on JzCDz.com soon in 2014

Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking [piano song without words based on Walt Whitman’s poem. For piano & celesta, with 2 flutes, 2 clarinets] chamber pieces 1982, rev. 2010] (also in ‘SummerScenes’)

Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking [1982 piano] Rev. 2013 for Piano and Vocals, Baritone & Soprano. lyrics abridged poem of Walt Whitman

 As I Ebb With the Ocean of Life [1983, rev. 2013](vocal song, lyrics by Walt Whitman, baritone & piano with piano prelude)

Song of the Rolling Earth[1983, JAZZ Chart/piano solo based on Walt Whitman’s poem of same name]

The Lonely Island, Far Away at Sea (L'isle Isole au Loin en Mer) [1997] string orchestra with harp solos.

Elegy (for a Blue Chevy) (1st college orch. Piece, 1979) – orch. Finished 1999]> Digital Orchestration version recorded in 1999 ending with a new: Elegy for a Good Cat (Elegy 1995)> CD recording to be released soon on JzCDz.com

*Pizzagogo - Violin, acoustic bass and Pizzicato Strings with percussion [1996] string orchestra with Latin percussion, Excerpted from a 1990's String Suite (not all scored but digital record)

*Shakahachi (with String Orchestra and Horns)  1997 instrumental piece for Strings and Shakahachi in F major (approx. 5' song length)

*String Suite - Large Orchestra of strings - approx. 7 movements of short to medium length string pieces recorded in digital ca. 1995-98 (not all scored)

*Pastoral for Oboe, Bassoons & strings - sketched & recorded with samples but not published

* These instrumental pieces for Strings and solo instruments + Digital sounds have NOT been published in computer scores but exist as manuscripts and/or digital records using samples (ca. 1990s)

Also by this composer: Across the Sea of Madness (song booklet2007) / Jazz CDs (on Amazon/CDbaby): CDmp3> AugustOceanOverture’(2008) –/CDmp3>> ‘Unrequited’(2009) –/CD/mp3>>‘In Memory Only’(2012) –    RainMusic (piano concerts remastered, 1984)
The Ultimate Connection Songbook’ jazz charts, lead sheets, collected songs 1987-2009, some recorded on the above CDs.



You can buy all my published SCORES in Notation here at JZCDZ.com the domain name that points to this Lulu.com store. IF u are a performer or music director and wish to peruse my music there are ebooks on most of the scores for just a few dollars or U CAN BUY ONE AT COST by contacting me first at my email address listed on my FACEBOOK PAGE under "MICHAEL GUY" or  @ Michael Guy, piano/composer at JzCDz.com


Allegro Pesante - an example of my notated 'classical' piano solos available in score booklets at the above spotlight link


Allegro Pesante 2 Page Excerpt PDF 


AugustOceanOverture (2008 debut CD Player, play all but no download)

Portfolio> JzCDz.com> the CDs of jazz/new age pianist Michael Guy - 5 CD record projects as of March 2014


Michael Guy: August Ocean Overture

The debut CD by jazz pianist and composer Michael Guy of 33 years experience (see Bio) is a full 71' long CD consisting of one-half piano solos and one-half electric and acoustic group or quartet pieces. It even includes 2 vocal songs. It is the best of two CDs in one, with the group songs from an earlier mid 90s CD called JAZZ DANCE IMAGE never released of electric jazz with drums, bass, e. guitars, sax, horn and strings. 14 tracks of all original compositions.

 August Ocean Overture>

 Michael Guy> composer/performer all tracks! - piano, digital keyboards, sequencers, digital sampled instruments, voice>

CD = 71', 14 tracks, 12 instrumental jazz, 2 vocal songs  see: PLAYLIST

4 tracks of original compositions with jazz improvisation by pianist Michael Guy which includes layered voices of digital keyboards using strings, choir programs and occasional organ and guitar. The first 10 tracks of this CD feature new music recorded in the last few years featuring his piano solo work and most were recorded "live" to two tracks without editing as in a performance. A few like "Rebirth of the Cool" have overdubbed guitar and organ. The bass lines are often played by his left hand at the keyboard. The last 4 tracks feature full group and electric music from an earlier CD: JazzDANCEimage that was never released. These songs have drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. There are also 2 vocal songs on this album, one a slightly country flavored ballad with a rousing early Keith Jarrett styled piano accompaniment called "My Country" and the last track#14 is a jazz groove based vocal song for his baritone voice called "the Deep Abyss" - in all a lot of music in 71 minutes with each track partaking of the many stylistic influence to be found in contemporary jazz and fusion, including his considerable classical influence. All tracks composed and performed by Michael Guy

HEAR excerpts of every track at  my  CDbaby page

CLICK the Song Title LInks to HEAR PREVIEWs of each TrackV 

OCEAN SUITE (13:51)1.Ocean Prelude 2.Sea Breeze in E minor 3.SeaBreeze in G 4.Suite: Ending>

5. BasStringBlues (2:23) 

6. Rebirth of the Cool (6:43)

7. My Country (vocal/piano) (4:57)

8. August Ocean Overture (piano solo) (3:17)

9. Prelude to: Big-Wave Rider> (digital) (3:46)

10. Big-Wave Rider (piano + digital) (10:38)

11. JazzDanceImage (electric & strings) (8:35)

12. Duke's Groove (quartet/ sax+horns) (3:59)

13. Orion Calling (electric New Age) (8:07)

                                                                                            14. the Deep Abyss (vocal/electric jazz) (4:48)

 © 2007 Michael A. Guy, JzCDz, all rights reserved

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In Memory Only> NEW!    Now on Amazon.com 2012!
release on> Amazon.com    CreateSpace.com
Digital distribution in 2013 on CDbaby, iTunes,

Michael Guy L'ecluse> composer/performer all tracks! - piano solos, synthesizer, digital keyboards,  digital sampled instruments (guitar, strings, vibes)>

  Two NEW  piano solos in a JAZZ AMERICANA style recorded in studio during July 2008 plus his most emotional, nostalgic song backings and synthesizer pieces recorded "In Memory" of his deceased family members during his long composing residence with them in the 1990's and up to 2005 while caring for his elderly parents. One 7' long improvisation features piano & synthesizer settings made to emulate old Appalachian Mountain music instruments and styles in song based melodies inspired by his love for old American mountain-folk music. It's called "The Old Apple Tree" - this is based on a lyric song he wrote to memorialize his parents passing in 2005. This CD includes short instrumental renditions of 2 of his best lyric songs in a country style: "The Farther Shore" & "I Wrote You a Letter" - Michael Guy is also an author/lyricist who in the 1990's has written many lyrical songs still to be published for piano & voice in both JAZZ & COUNTRY. Many will appear in his upcoming Song CD: "Across the Sea of Madess" -   This CD also contains the "upbeat" popular Jazz Groove composition "the Broken-Hearted Shuffle" recorded in studio featuring his piano solo and midi guitar solos. {Most fun piece I ever did in Jazz!} HEAR IT! at my Google Blog link below  The podcast premiered on his Authorsden.com site, his Google Blogger pages and his personal website "The Last Renaissance Man" in 2007 & 2008. see: PLAYLIST

  © 2005, 2008 Michael A. Guy, JzCDz, all rights reserved

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  August Ocean Overture - released 2008

  Unrequited - 2010 - 2011

  In Memory Only - released 2012 - anthology of tracks 1986-2009

  RAIN Music - grand piano concerts June 1984,  remastered 2011
                                RAIN Music Sampler at Amazon mp3

  Crossing Unknown Waters - Powerful Solo Recitals June 2010-2012

       NEW!  -  3 solo mp3's released August 2014

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                   Hopefully the Full CD coming soon!




RAIN MUSIC, solo piano concerts of June 1984 - Digital remastered CD in 2011 (from analog sources)

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Michael Guy: Rain Music: Song of the Rolling Earth No.3


Includes the incredibly swinging & difficult to play: SONG OF THE ROLLING EARTH #3 & #1
         **- Historical Recording mastered from the original analog sources -- Live solo piano performances given in the Berkshires of Massachusetts during June 12 - 21st, 1984 when this original composer and inventive pianist was fresh out of music school at 30 years old. You can finally hear the youthful genius of this composer and jazz/new age pianist during his most active piano playing years!

The 4 Best Tracks are available as SAMPLE mp3 from AMAZON.com CLICK HERE>

  1. Clouds by Moonlight, 5:37

  2. Song of the Rolling Earth #3, 5:00 



  3. Downpour5:00 

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  4. Rainy Monday Night #2            4:39


RAIN Music - piano concerts, June 1984

Artist/Band: Michael Guy
Historical analog recording, remastered to digital of debut concerts in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, June 1984 by maverick composer & elusive solo pianist (now medically disabled) Michael Guy. Full description to follow soon.

Finally the youthful genius of this stunningly original composer has been made publicly available! From hard swinging, uptempo country romps to serene, woodland tinged, Chopinesque ballades, it was a tragedy it was never commercially recorded in a formal way. Despite the sometimes less than stellar grand piano, the natural wood-frame venues were good for recording giving a natural reverb that was retained in mastering. The music ranges in tempo from driving propulsive beat orientated jazz rhythms to flowing, water-like tremelos and runs, wrapped around either songlike melodies or simple minimalistic phrases inspired by nature's sounds and scenes. DOWNPOUR for example takes an awesome piano technique to create descending arpeggios that exactly mimick the pounding drops of a rain shower on a cabin's roof. The melodies of the Rainy Monday series evoke the images and serenity of a rainy New England spring day and night. It emphasizes not the gloom of rain but the beauty and serenity of summer's rainstorms, not to mention some of its power. For a young pianist of 30 years old at the time it was inspired integrated jazz/blues tinged with 80's minimalism new age. The track titles below tell the rest of the story>
RAIN MUSIC, June 12-15, 1984
> RAIN Birds [2:55] > RAIN Forest [7:25] > Song of the Rolling Earth #1 > The Bridge/CLOUDS by Moonlight [7:57] > Song of the Rolling Earth #3 [5:08] > The LOOP (at Cummington) [6:45]> Ultimate Woodshedding Blues [5:18] > Foggy Morning/Rainy Monday #1 [6:27] > Rainy Monday 2 [2:12] > DOWNPOUR [4:58] >Late Afternoon Ballade [15:57] > Rainy Monday Night [3:57]


 **NOTE: Recorded live to 2-tracks in 1984 on a then "state of the art" Marantz Field Recorder. Of course younger listeners must realize there was no digital portable recorders in those years. All my music had to be recorded on analog tapes (in this case, cassette) and stored for years on tape until re-mastered in 2011. The quality held up very well when transferred to Digital Fostex but some of the original analog microphones and the piano that was used in these "rustic venues" were not the best state of the art instruments you would then have found in a true music studio. Please see MY BLOG for a reprint of the LINER NOTES to the CD available on Amazon.com for a discussion of how this material was recorded in the field in those early years of 1983-1984.

HEAR Previews of 2 Vocal Songs from CD: AUGUST OCEAN OVERTURE


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PREVIEW of My Country...

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